December 2017

new inpho v8 patch V8.0.7 available

Innovative new alternative processing techniques, new sensors, stability, performance and precision:
INPHO v8.0 sets a new level for photogrammetrists relying on our commitment to deliver highest quality results.

  • Create ortho mosaics 10x faster – directly from colorized point clouds
  • Full automatic radiometric corrections for input areal images
  • Fine-tuned strategies for tie point matching and camera modelling
  • Multi-Satellite projects and new sensors
  • new available patch includes
    • (Satellite) image ID – limitation fix
    • Camera editor after self-calibration
    • Camera editor for multi-head cameras
    • DLL up-grades
    • Point measurement in full automatic mode – fix

new UASMAster V8 patch 8.1.4 available